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Agro Preciso Ltd. is an agro-business company that is committed to providing the best quality services and products in the agribusiness industry. The company was founded with a vision to be a leading provider of quality agro-commodities, agro-logistics, irrigation, training, and agricultural equipment.

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Agro Preciso FarmNet

FarmNet is Agro Preciso's way of networking with farmers and suppliers in a mutually beneficial model. We provide farmers and suppliers with up-to-date information on farming processes and help them with sustainable solutions to their farming needs. In return, farmers provide us with reliable information on events and challenges of the farming season. This will help us provide them with customized assistance and solutions. We will also provide farm inputs, equipment, land clearing services, storage facilities, and linkage to markets. Additionally, we are open to off-taking commodities during harvest to mitigate post-harvest losses.

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